The Proposition 8 Supreme Court Plaintiffs

Christopher Street West is honored to announce the victorious Proposition 8 Supreme Court Plaintiffs as the 2014 LA PRIDE Community Grand Marshals! The most notable advocates for marriage equality in the state of California, the team—made up of couples Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, as well as attorneys Theodore B. Olson and David Boies, championed the 2013 Supreme Court decision and have since become leading voices for equality nationwide. Join the Prop 8 team and celebrate their accomplishments at LA PRIDE’s annual Parade on Sunday, June 8th.

Determined to take down California’s Proposition 8, the team formed and dove head first into a series of events that would shape both the political and societal landscape. With Proposition 8 (the California ballot initiative that made same-gender marriage illegal) becoming a reality, the team worked tirelessly at bettering the rights of the TLGB community nationwide. The couples (LA-based Katami & Zarrillo and San Francisco-based Perry & Stier) had had their dreams of legally being united in marriage ripped from under them with the passage of Prop 8. Joined by renowned lawyers Olson and Boies, they took their case all the way to the US Supreme Court in a landmark case and successfully fought to strike down California’s Prop 8. The team proved victorious, and California’s ban on same gender marriage was lifted thereby allowing thousands the opportunity to legally wed. The historic cases allowed for several states to follow suit and to date, 17 states have granted same-sex marriages. The battle against Proposition 8 is also the focus of the upcoming documentary “The Case Against 8,” set to release in June.

Christopher Street West is excited to have the Proposition 8 Supreme Court Plaintiffs participate in the 2014 celebration. A turning point in the history of TLGB rights in America as we also celebrate the 45th anniversary of The Stonewall Riots, the 2014 LA PRIDE Festival and Parade is also directly affected by the valiant efforts of Katami and Zarrillo. Without their enduring courage and persistence, CSW would not have the pleasure of seeing the thousands of men and women who wished to one day get married finally see their dreams come true in our home state. What Christopher Street West set out to do many years ago as the first Pride parade went underway is directly parallel to the mission set forth by the two men who fought for the same rights nearly four decades later.

“The LA PRIDE Parade is based on celebrating the TLGB community and the people and organizations that have helped make progress in terms of equality. This year’s Community Grand Marshals are the epitome of that idea and have proven themselves as valuable champions for the success of the TLGB fight for inclusion,” VP of Parade Tom Pardoe said of the team.

LA PRIDE’s Community Grand Marshals are mavericks in their field, mission or ideas. Christopher Street West is proud as an organization to honor two men so committed to the community they share. The LA PRIDE Parade takes place June 8th on historic Santa Monica Boulevard and tickets to the 2014 Festival are now on sale.