PRIDE Support

Christopher Street West recruits and provides volunteers for community events: rodeos, other pride celebrations, fundraisers, awards shows and benefits. CSW has an active mentorship program, lending our experience and contacts to other organizations, pride-related and others. CSW lends its name and reputation to support other organizations that can benefit from our years of community activism and support in Los Angeles. CSW partners with numerous organizations to promote awareness and assist their fundraising efforts. CSW provides financial support to other local Pride organizations like San Gabriel Valley Pride, Long Beach Pride and LA/Valley Pride, providing direct support for their events and programs.

CSW is also a long-time and active member of regional and international Pride organizations, including InterPride and Consolidated Association of Pride, Inc.

City of West Hollywood
Gay and Lesbian Allied Administrators
Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
Gay & Lesbian Center
Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing
GSA Network
The Imperial Court of Los Angeles/Hollywood
The Jordan Rustin Coalition
The Life Group LA
LifeWorks Mentoring
NOH8 Campaign
ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives
Pacifica Radio Archives
The Tweakers Project
The Upright Cabaret
UCLA LGBT Resource Center
USC Lambda Gay & Lesbian Alumni Association